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Do We Use LCD Projector appropriately?

There is a great revolutionary speed technological development. Whether it is latest computers, mobile phones or other electronic gadgets, market is thrown with next best model very soon till the time you are familiar with your latest gadget. LCD projectors and DLP projectors are also among them. They are bringing revolution in the field of event management and several other areas.
LCD refers to Liquid Crystal Display whereas DLP stands for Digital Light Processing. LCD projectors and DLP projectors work on different technologies but follow common working principle.

LCD projectors and DLP projectors are very common and can easily be available with multiple features, high resolution capacity and longer life even at households. Let us now understand what a LCD projector or DLP projector is and how we use them appropriately.
Their multi-purposes usage such as for entertainment and business use like conferences, presentations, virtual meetings and online study programs make them versatile and unique.
Educational institutions are now adopting latest teaching aids to supplement their teaching and help students learn quickly and in a better way. In homes people use a projector to get the quality viewing of cinema while enjoying the comfort of home.

If you have never experimented with an LCD projector, however, do not worry. Here, how you can learn how to use an LCD projector:

·         Plug the LCD projector in to a power outlet. Completely plug the power cord in to the back of the LCD projector.

·         Use a VGA cable to connect your computer to the LCD projector. Insert one end of the cable into the VGA connector in the back of your computer and do the same in the back of your LCD projector. If the LCD projector has more than one VGA connector, choose the one that says something like "line in" or "in from computer."

·         Power on your laptop. Turn on the LCD projector. It may take a couple of minutes to warm up. Open the computer file or document you wish to display. When you are ready to project your image, press "Function" (Fn) plus "F8." This combination of keys sends your computer's display to the LCD projector.

·         Use sound to enhance your presentation. Often LCD projectors have built-in speakers. If this is the case, you may need to run an RGB cable from the LCD projector to the back of your computer. If you wish to use external speakers instead of those that are part of the LCD projector, plug the speakers directly into the headphone jack of your laptop.

·         Turn off your LCD projector properly. Usually you must press the "off" button once, and a dialog box pops up asking if you are sure you want to turn it off. Press the "off" button again, and the machine powers down. Leave the machine plugged in until the cooling fan stops. Be careful when disconnecting VGA cables from the back of the LCD projector and laptop, as the pins at the end of the cable are delicate.

·         Know some other features of your LCD projector. Most have a focus knob to make the picture clearer. If your image appears distorted, you must adjust the keystone setting, which helps to project a rectangular image. You can fix keystone distortion manually by moving the LCD projector to position it near the center of the screen at which it is aiming.

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